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About Us
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Jiangsu Yueyue Food Co., Ltd. specializes in the production, R&D and sales of various condiments, dehydrated vegetables and OEM processing. It is a leading enterprise in the agricultural industry. It is also an agro-ecological enterprise. The company is located in the dehydrated fruit and vegetable industrial park of Xinghua City, Jiangsu Province, which is the national dehydrated vegetable industrial base.

The company has a high standard production workshop, the introduction of international specialized production equipment, advanced testing equipment and management system.

The company produces and sells all kinds of seasoning spices (powder), dehydrated fruit and vegetable powder (grain), dehydrated vegetables and so on all year round. Products are sold all over the world. We have established long-term trade cooperation with several top 500 enterprises in the world.

The company strives for development with credibility and survival with quality. To meet the needs of every consumer for high quality life!

The company adheres to the purpose of fresh raw materials, safe and healthy, beyond the standard, to provide consumers with delicious, healthy and convenient condiments for the mission, strive to become the most competitive condiment brand in China.